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Brochure Design
Brochure Design

Cow horn button manufacturers,
Belt Buckles Suppliers,

Horn Products manufacturers.

We offer custom horn products like horn buttons,horn belt buckles, horn drinking vessels as well as horn fashion accessories based on clients requirements.


We export our horn products such as cow horn buttons, custom belt buckles as well as our unique designs made with cow horn. We make and sell horn handiwork,  Fashion accessories and commercial gifts for your customers. Wholesale of buttons and buckles and many other horn products.

Horn-Products Button Manufacturer, Real-time tracking and reportingThis is how the process is:

You Send us the requested design We just make it happen. We manufacture the horn product
horn buckle design draw custom horn buckle

Try us, we are horn buttons and belt buckles artisans. As manufacturer and exporter of our horn designs we have been satisfying our customers needs all arfound the fashion world.

We manufacture cow horn buttons,   horn buckles, garment accessories, and novelties.

We also offer bone buttons and bone buckles.

Personalized belt buckles can be made upon request.


We supply horn buttons and horn belt buckles to the fashion designers.

At Horn-products.com you can trust that the product will satisfy your distinguished style. we are real horn products manufacturers. We believe in what we make.

Our Company offers the nicest Designs of Handmade Horn Buttons and horn buckles for the Fashion industries. These Handmade cow horn Buttons end hand made horn buckles are made by artisans who have experience of more than 30 Years in this field. Each horn Button is unique in its design, as well as the horn buckles, that are unique in their size, by the way, sizes also vary according to design patterns. These horn Buttons and horn buckles are also offered according to Customers own designs & specifications, as you can see in the above example. Horn Toggles also add touch to the companies collection of Fashion Buttons & Fasteners. Horn Toggles are also available in various designs & sizes.

We have created very nice horn handles for your handbag.
This horn product is very popular and looks great!!
horn handle 2.jpg      horn handle 2.jpg



Horn Office Items, Horn Pen Stands, Letter Openers, Pin Holders and horn commercial gifts are available. In addition, there are various other handicrafts made out of cow Horn and deer horn, always available for Immediate Exports from us.

As, Indicated below, We offer Horn  Handicrafts, Horn Belt Buckles, Horn Costume Jewellery, Horn & Bone Jewellery Box, horn buttons Horn Cutlery like Salad Sets, Forks & Knives, Knife & Cutlery Handles,             

The list below, contains some of the horn products we develop  in an artisan way:



  • Horn Button Blanks 
  • Handmade designs of Horn Buttons 
  • Horn Toggles ( Unfinished ) 
  • Handmade designs of Horn Buckles
  • Horn Toggles 
  • Horn Belt Buckles 
  • Horn Jewellary, Horn Necklaces, Horn Earings & Horn Hair Clips
  • Horn Jewel Boxes
  • Horn Photo Frames


  • Horn Plates, Scales,  
  • Horn Cutlery
  • Horn Salad Spoons
  • Horn  Trays
  • Horn Handles for Knives 
  • Horn handbag handles


we use  genuine cow horn.

The color and mottling may vary slightly from the above images.

At Horn products.com, the wholesale sale of horn buttons, the wholesale sale of horn accessories for the fashion world, the Argentine design of horn buttons and horn buckles, the manufacture of many horn products, is our daily duty.

If you bring your design to us of the horn product, along with the specifications, we will be able to develop a sample of the horn product for you, so that you can appreciate the quality of our horn products, that are treated and worked in an artisan way.

We are in this business for more than 50 years developing and manufacturing  buckles, buttons, pins, crafts, and accessories for the fashion world. We sell by gross, we satisfy your horn products needs.

The cow horn buckles and the cow horn buttons, like also, the accessories and crafts manufactured in cow horn, have an exclusive design obtained thanks to our artisan working way. Our horn crafts are well known mainly because of their quality.





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